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Are Antlers Safe for Dogs?

Quite surely, you have heard that dogs have been given dog antlers. There are also people who dismiss the idea for fear that it is harmful to dogs. Deer antlers are, actually, completely safe for these furry animals. That is why they are used as treats for canines. You will see how if you read further.

Deer antlers make good chew treats for dogs. It is inherent in animals like rats, coyotes, dogs and wolves to be drawn to antlers. The true reason is yet to be known but people believe that they chew on them for nourishment. Antlers indeed are made up of calcium and other nutrients, which is sensible. Calcium, in effect, is important to dogs and other animals.

To make the long story short, the dogs get the nutrients from chewing on antlers, the same way that animals do in the wild. Due to this, veterinarians agreed that given dogs these treats is indeed good for them.
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In a manner of speaking, antlers are never dangerous for dogs and rather they are healthy treats that last longer than what regular people would often give their dogs. Meanwhile, milk bones or other types of chew things will not last in the same way antlers would. Dogs will definitely enjoy munching on these antlers for days.
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Dogs will get more benefits from these spikes. Your dog’s teeth become stronger and healthier as these things clean those pearly whites. Plaque and other food particles that get stuck on your dog’s teeth are also managed. This can help your dogs avoid loss of teeth of tooth decay.

Contrary to what some people believe, deer antlers will not give a bad smell ever after a long time no matter how much the dog chews on it.

Now, it must be noted that dogs can choke on anything even their own food and that is why your need to supervise dogs when they are biting antlers even if these things are safe for them. Having sad that, when the piece has become very small already, you should throw it away to be safe.

Now with those facts in mind, how does a dog owner normally offer antlers to their pets. Divide the antler into smaller parts and give it to the dog one at a time because it is ridiculous to give them everything. You will need to use a hacksaw or other sharp objects you have to cut it into bits that are about 6 inches in length.

To summarize, antlers make good and healthy treats that dogs will surely love. Most importantly, antlers are cheap. Go here for information on where to buy Antler dog chew.