How to Create Free Websites for Bands

Trying to get started as a professional musician is not a career move that is known for being particularly lucrative. In fact, it often takes some time for bands to accumulate enough of a following to really start making money. Having a strong internet presence is one of the first steps that musicians, bands, and DJs should take toward furthering their careers.

The Cost

Unfortunately, hiring professional website designers comes with a fairly steep price tag. Building websites for bands doesn’t have to be prohibitively difficult, though. That’s why this article sets out a few easy tips for musicians looking to take matters into their own hands and build their own websites for free.

Choose a Platform

The first thing musicians must do is to choose a platform. WordPress is one of the most popular free website platforms on the internet because it is easy to use even for those who have no advanced knowledge of programming languages. That platform can be used to create just about any kind of website with just a basic knowledge of computers and Microsoft Word and can be customized using plugins for extended functionality.

Choose a Hosting Company

There are hundreds of companies out there that offer WordPress hosting services, so it’s important to choose wisely. BlueHost, Inmotion Hosting, and HostGator are three of the most popular WordPress hosting companies, as they offer a range of plans designed to fit different budgets and offer professional help for webmasters should anything go wrong with the site.

Installing WordPress

Use the hosting company’s Quick Installation tool to install WordPress to the server. This will install the latest version of the platform to the user’s domain and create a database. Of course, users can also download the official system from in order to upload manually to their servers, but this takes significantly more time and effort.

Customizing and Managing a Website

After installing WordPress, musicians can begin the process of actually building their sites. First, choose a theme for the website under the appearance menu and set an appropriate theme with the right Plugins to meet the band’s unique needs. While purchasing a fully-built theme can cost some money, it can save a lot of time and hassle, so it’s worth considering even for those who are on a low budget.