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Offering Social Services

Social services are referred to as a range of public services rendered by private organizations, governments and non-profit entities. The services are also referred to as social welfare services and social work services as well. The services create more effective institutions; they generate enhanced communities, and promoting opportunity and equality. They are facilities and benefits including health care, education, police, food subsidies, job training, fire services, subsidized housing, management of the community, adoption lobbying and policy research. Their effect in the society is not questionable.

Governments, institutions and NGO’s extend social services to the disabled. Generally, people with disabilities are seen as passive recipients of social welfare and charity. It are rare to find the society appreciating the abilities endowed among the disabled. Commonly, the disability appears much more than the ability. The case is noted by social service providers especially in regarding socioeconomic development initiatives. For this reason, these organizations and governments put in place adequate and sustainable social services. Important considerations are special needs and skills of those with disabilities.

Benefactors extend social services to the disabled, children, the poor and the elderly. The world over, people experience injustices. Other issues facing the world are pressing challenges that remain pressing and incredibly complex. It is such situations that make social workers important in the society. They serve all cadres of life. They strive to change the overall lives of human beings.

Recipients of social services in the society are adults, children and the disadvantaged. Children are the biggest beneficiaries of social services in terms of medical services and education. Those that live in difficult conditions get these services from social workers. Children in the society would be doomed without social services. Courtesy of social services, human living conditions are worth a mention.

Social services aim at alleviating poverty in addition to minimizing pain and suffering. Those affected by addiction, poverty, unemployment, abuse, mental illness, disability and discrimination also receive extended social services. Extended social services help the recipients develop innovative and new ways to handle issues. The new ways also help them confront new challenges that arise in life. It includes offering skills, knowledge, and empower them.

Institutions and governments offer social services through professional social workers. Social workers are usually trained in social service and social work. Professional social workers receive primary training in social work and social service provision. The basic training and fieldwork prepares them to work well in different areas and with various people. They include schools; mental health clinics, private practices, hospitals, prisons, corporations, military, public agencies, virtually anywhere else there are people in need and private agencies

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