Ransomware Recovery-What Every Business Needs to Do to Secure Their Data

Visit any business to speak to the employees and one topic that may come up is ransomware recovery. As more and more businesses are hit with this type of malware, learning to protect data becomes of more importance. No company is immune either, but certain steps may be taken to secure business data. Following are a few of these steps.


Every employee needs to be trained to detect possible security threats. Companies often assume a person knows what a suspicious link or email looks like, as they have likely encountered them at home. However, this isn’t the case, thus a clear plan must be in place when anything suspicious is seen.

Furthermore, companies must communicate with their employees regularly, especially when there are changes to policy. Poor communication can lead to a security breach, as it leads to a gap in the security measures. To make certain information is received by all, implement a plan to record the receipt of each communication.


Passwords need to be changed regularly to reduce the risk of a security breach, and the passwords must be robust. This means employees should have multiple passwords that contain, at a minimum, letters and numbers, and they should never be written where they can be found. In the event the passwords must be kept on a network to be shared by multiple users, this network has to be secured and regularly updated.

Back Up Data Regularly

Companies need to ensure they are backing up their data regularly, preferably nightly or multiple times a day. When data is backed up consistently, ransomware attacks become less of a concern, as the data can be retrieved without paying the requested funds. If this is an issue, invest in a program that does the task automatically to prevent major issues in the event of a security breach.

These are only a few of many steps that should be taken to protect against a ransomware attack or recover from one. Cybercriminals continue to find new ways to breach systems, even those believed to be very secure. As a result, every business needs to make security a top priority at all times.