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Imagination can take you anywhere ,Einstein put the statement forward and there is truth to back that up. For the longest time now, arts and crafts have been a way through which human beings can express themselves. Art can be traced back to the evolution stages of man and you will find out that human beings had art with them even then. Art and craft is that one thing that settles with almost all diverse human cultures in existent. Art finds way to speak with and among people in a way no language or words can. Art exists in different forms , from music ,carvings , paintings and other countless forms .Music, poems, spoken word, paintings and other aspects make up art.

Glass blowing, a unique form of art has become popular in the recent times to the point that it has been commercialized into industrial production. This is a technique where one uses a blow pipe to blow glass into a bubble and from that, glass can be made to take any shape we want and it’s how art comes in.The art of glass blowing allows one to make glass into many forms as initially you work with molten glass and from there you could make it into any object of desire,a characteristic of art.

Artistic glassware is something to behold especially with some aspect of color and light.

Arts and crafts can be found at every stage of human growth and it would be wise to let our young ones grow with a connection to art. Development of a child is gradual process, bringing in art during their development stimulates coordination and in the long run fine motor skills in the use of limbs. Engaging your children in arts and crafts helps develop their ability that require them to use their hands moreover in the long run they are able to perform duties such as shower and tying their ribbons and their laces.

As highlighted earlier that arts and crafts is a way of expressions , children may also use crafts to express themselves to adults,in fact it is actively used in therapy of children who have undergone some traumatic situations. Bonding with children who prefer shutting you off makes it difficult and stressful especially if it’s a parent, through interesting art and craft activities that the child may easily open up to the parent and a care taker.

Art and crafts is highly educational and this is a good method for teaching children as its fun for them,it helps them decode information from visual encounters with different elements making up their surrounding and later make up decisions based on that information. Our lives would not be the same if art was not part and parcel of human existence, for that matter we stand to gain more if we learn ways of how we can make use of it to influence our lives for the better.

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