The Technology Associated with Mobile Virtual Network Operators

A cellular network is an impressive setup that uses a series of strategically placed towers to provide access to mobile devices over the air. Building a network of this nature isn’t easy, as towers must be positioned so they offer the most reliable connection, which can be tricky in areas that have geographical features that limit the strength of the tower signal. These challenges and the expense associated with them are why more companies are choosing to rent an already established network and provide service under their brand.


For a phone to access the signal of a cellular network, it must be authenticated. Every phone has a unique number that is used to identify the device, and a company is responsible for updating authentication records that allow a phone to be recognized by a network. Once the phone is registered the provider can send a ping or signal to the device that will start the activation process and pair the phone to the network.

Accurate Billing

The most significant challenges of operating a virtual cellular network are associated with collecting information for accurate billing. An MVNO B/OSS application assists with this process by tying a company’s customer records to the usage data from the network and automatically assigns this information to the correct user. This prevents inaccurate bills and ensures a provider can charge for any services that are used.

Call Routing

The process of routing a call to the right phone can seem easy, but virtual network operators face several challenges. The use of a hidden application in the phone’s software prevents problems with routing by acting as a softphone that maintains a constant connection with the network. This eliminates the most common issues, including phantom signals that are often not received by a device.

The idea of renting a cellular network for use under a private brand is becoming a popular option as more companies enter the mobile phone industry. The team at PortaOne Inc. offers a complete line of software and hardware solutions that help to increase call quality and reliability and can have any virtual network up and running in a matter of weeks.