What To Look For When Shopping For A Senior Cell Plan

Cell phones now outnumber standard telephone lines and provide users with the ability to make and receive calls no matter where they are. While they are popular, many older adults struggle using cellular phones because of how complicated they can be to operate. Fortunately, a senior cell plan will provide seniors with reliable cell service and an easy to use device. Before rushing out to purchase a phone, be sure to research the following items. This will ensure the best device and plan is chosen without breaking the bank.

Voice Minutes

A plan should include a set number of minutes that will allow the user to talk as needed without going over and having to worry about overage charges. An unlimited plan may be tempting, but they are often more expensive and lead to wasted money. Most services designed for seniors start with plans that offer 250 minutes and offer as many as 1500. This allows the user to purchase a plan that will fit their needs while being cost effective.

Text Messaging

One of the most popular modes of communication is text messaging. Even older adults are utilizing text messaging technology, as it allows them to stay in contact with loved ones while conserving minutes. Most phones, even basic models, provide the ability to send and receive texts, though some still utilize QWERTY keyboards that can be a little trickier to understand. Most cell phone plans allow a user to add messaging for an affordable fee, or use the minutes available for text services.

GPS Enabled

One of the greatest features of a cell phone is being able to send the users current location to emergency personnel. A phone that is GPS enabled will allow 911 dispatchers to track their location using global positioning satellites. This prevents a user from having to know where they are located and can make it easy to find elderly family members who may be lost and confused.

Finding a cell phone service for older adults is easier than most people think. Be sure to check out the devices and plans available from SnapFon. They offer a broad range of service plans that will meet the needs of most any user. Check out their site to learn more, and make having a cell phone as affordable as possible.