Companies Founded by Jim Plante and the Goal of Dialysis Patients to Continue Leading Full Lives

The work of Jim Plante and others in the companies he has founded focuses on ending chronic debilitating diseases, including renal failure. People dealing with end-stage renal failure must have regular kidney dialysis treatments or they cannot survive. Although this is time-consuming and patients with the disease may feel fatigued much of the time, many of them continue to work part-time or even full-time.

Continuing Working

Men and women in this stage of kidney failure typically qualify for long-term disability payments. Nevertheless, many of them prefer to keep working, especially if they enjoy their jobs. They also earn more money with a job than they would by accepting disability payments. That can be very important for anyone who supports a family. In addition, the extra money allows them to do some things they might otherwise not be able to, such as going on vacation to another part of the country.

The Work Schedule

Someone who is not familiar with the process of dialysis may wonder how an end-stage kidney failure patient can schedule treatments while working full-time or while on vacation out of town. They probably will need a flexible work schedule and perhaps even the option of working from home occasionally. If they work during the day, they may be able to schedule their treatments toward the end of the day so they can rest afterward.


In regard to vacation, dialysis patients must choose locations that have treatment centers where they can set appointments. Planning the vacation requires extra preparation, but the home clinic can help this person find a center in the location they are interested in traveling to. It’s important to schedule the dialysis appointments at least eight weeks beforehand to make sure the center is not already booked. This even can be done with a road trip and treatment in two or three different cities along the way and back.

The work of companies like Pathway Genomics, founded by Mr. Plante, concentrates on finding ways to prevent or cure chronic kidney failure through genetics. Until this research finally succeeds, men and women with this condition seek to live fully even while dealing with the disease.