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Lean six sigma is a type of method that relies on a collaborative team to improve the performance by scientifically getting rid of trash and also lowering variation. The six kinds of waste are removed by combining lean manufacturing and also six sigma. It essential for a person to understand that lean six sigma timeline can be traced anywhere in history. Lean six sigma has principles. These principles that have been introduced in lean six sigma make it sharp and weak bring its necessary to be added. However these principles introduced also have a disadvantage for they carry risk and only work if the entire organization cooperates with kaizen. Kaizen is also a word that got a lot of history in it, but it has been made familiar as the general word for ongoing improvement process.

Genryou management refers to a term that is used to refer to the way the production process is designed. Genryou also got its 0own management principles. Understanding that the word kata is used to mean routine is important. The word lean came from the term generous when it moved to the west. One can explain the origin o0f the word lean when they study this info. After knowing the origin of the term lean is important to know also the origin of six sigma. Six Sigma to be precise is a word offered to a program by a company since companies used to give their improvement programs distinctive names with which they can rise to fame. Knowing that most programs are born out of necessity which means a specific type of problem breeds a specific type of program. Thus six sigma program resulted out of a particular problem which was lack of defects and also needed to increase tenfold. Several people got involved in improving this six sigma program.

The approaches of both lean and six sigma were combined since the two had numerous similarities and overlaps. Noting that lean and six sigma were problem-solving techniques and were able to share customer process-oriented perspective is important. From the two combination that is lean and six sigma one can know what lean six sigma means.

One can define lean six sigma as the organization concept that is aimed at enhancing the speed and quality of the process. Lean six sigma is able to deliver all the customers’ needs with the lowest operational cost and highest possible possibility. This continuous improvement that lean six sigma aims at can be obtained in several ways. For lean six sigma to acquire its goals it usually assesses its improvements.

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