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Guidelines to Purchasing Quality Light Bars for Tow Trucks

You need to maintain high productivity in your farm by maximizing the number of hours you spend working. Changing weather conditions and night falling may be a challenge for you to extend the working hours on the farm because it affects visibility. The good news is that light bars are there to enable the farmers to work anytime they want to it late in the night or during harsh weather conditions. These guidelines will help you in selecting the best quality of light bars for your trucks.

There are a variety of the color of light that light bars emanate and the common ones are amber and pure crisp white. Amber light color is suitable in bad weather like fog and rain because it is less reflective. Whenever you are working at night, you need to have light bars that emanate crisp white color that is pure because it is bright enough. Manufacturers have also come up with light bars that produce a mixture of amber and crisp white colors of light for use in all weather conditions. You have two varieties of colors on the outer part of the light bars which are black and white for you to choose.

The light bars for tow trucks are available in all sizes. Large or small, the quality of light the light by will produce depends on the quality of the light but not the size. If you cannot find the size you want, be assured that the size available at the store is still perfect for use. You can also pick the size that you prefer if the size of the light begins much to you.

Verify the quality of the chips. Osram chips ensure that the light bar produces light of quality brightness; thus, they should be of the best quality. You should consider buying light bars with quality Cree chips because they will make the light bar to output high quality of light. For high-quality light regulation from the light bar, ensure that the Epistar chip in it is of high-quality materials too.

The housing of light bars should be made from quality materials to enable the housing durable even in harsh weather conditions. You should ensure that the cooling fans are also of high quality so that enough cold and warm air can be allowed to enter and leave the interior parts of the light bar respectively.

Light bars quickly spoil when moisture and dust accumulate in the interior parts; therefore ensure that the sealing is done correctly. The screws used to seal the housing should be stainless steel since they do not erode in harsh weather conditions. Figure 6 is the most important number to look for in the IP rating of the light bar because this will confirm that the product has adequately done sealing that will not allow moisture and does to get in. Ensure that the screws are not made of other metals coated with steel since some manufacturers are cunning.

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